Welcome to the Fifth Grade Gentleness Fruit Stand

Amazing! We are off to a Great Start!

Our first week in the Gentleness Fruit Stand was spectacular!  We have learned a lot about each other, and I am excited about learning even more.

IMG_0437 (1)

This week was filled with laying the groundwork for the different subject areas that we will be covering in class.  In Bible, we reviewed the 66 books and it’s component parts.  We have learned about C.S. Lewis, the author of the book we will be studying this semester, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.  We have played cool Multiplication review Math games,  and discussed what we will be learning this semester with place value.  In Science, “We Saved Freddie”,  and worked wonderfully in cooperative learning groups.  In Social Studies, we observed that there are 7 continents on the globe and learned a fun new song to remember them by.

I am excited to start on this “Fifth Grade Learning Adventure”!





Ocean views

IMG_1104The main science unit for fourth quarter is on Oceans. Saints in the Gentleness fruit stand have had fun learning all about ocean topography, water movement, and ocean food webs. Our latest experiment demonstrated how water temperature, salinity, and density create movement within the ocean.

We started with clear tap water, then added red, cold water. It sank. Next was blue warm water, which floated to the top. Saints were amazed as the green, salt water hung between the blue and red water. This led to a deep discussion of ocean currents and the Gulf Stream.

Saints have had a lot of fun watching the Okeanos Explorer 2018. This underwater camera gives viewers a glimpse of the sea floor in places that are hard to reach. We saw the discovery of an old, sunken ship in the Gulf Of Mexico one day. We had a great discussion as to what time period the ship was and what treasure may lie beneath the wreckage. You can check out the live footage for yourself here: https://oceanexplorer.noaa.gov/okeanos/media/exstream/exstream.html

Our Ocean unit is coming to a close this week, but saints still marvel at the creativity of our Creator.



Cells- Science points us to The Creator

One of the best things about life at CCA is how well home, church, and school work together. I love it when parents at the school volunteer their time in the classroom. A few weeks ago, the Gentleness Fruit Stand received a very special visit from a parent. Mrs. Johnson happens to be a medical technologist who spends her days looking at cells under a microscope. She is an expert and we were so blessed that she came to share her knowledge with us. Her visit coincided with our cells and living systems unit in science. Mrs Johnson explained to us that there are more types of cells other than plant and animal cells! For example, some bacteria have cell walls like plant cells do. Some cells have a nucleus enclosed in a membrane (eukaryotes) and some cells do not have an organized nucleus (prokaryotes). Some cells, called protozoans, have hair like cilia or string like flagella. We were fascinated.

One of the cool things Mrs. Johnson showed us was how to make wet mount slides with a plant leaf, cheek cells, and pond water samples. She then used a microscope on her cell phone to show us the images. It was so cool! Mrs. Johnson has always been interested in science and commented that the intricacies of the cell prove that God is The Creator. There is no way, such complexity happened by accident. I could not agree more.

Third quarter beginnings

Third quarter has begun and the saints in the gentleness fruit stand sure are busy! In math, the saints are working on measurement. There is no better way to learn the difference between perimeter and area than to measure the classroom, the hallway, and the tables. When the concept of volume was added, saints had fun using cubic inch blocks. Saints engaged in  higher order thinking to determine shapes that met certain total volumes. In literature, students are reading, DuBois’ The Twenty-one Balloons, so saints are making models of hot air balloons out of paper mache. Once they dry, students will paint and hang them. There are so many fun and educational things happening in the gentleness fruit stand this quarter.

Proud to do flag duty

As the oldest group of kids in the school, certain responsibilities fall to us. One of those includes flag duty.  To teach us about proper flag folding and handling protocol, Mrs. Stephens asked Chief Warrant Officer Shaw , a CCA parent and naval officer, to teach us the basics. We learned the history of the flag, why we fold the flag the way we do, and how to handle the American flag properly. Did you know that the American flag is folded like a triangle to represent the three pointed hat that the revolutionists wore? Learning about the flag taught us to respect it more. Each day we handle, raise, and lower our flag with respect and gratitude.

Welcome to 5th Grade!

gentlenessWelcome to 5th grade and the Gentleness Fruit Stand! We have a great year in store for us at CCA! My name is Mrs. Norris and I have been excited to work with you ALL summer! I have been praying and preparing for our year ahead.

The theme of our first quarter is Gentleness Reborn. We will study all kinds of interesting things including: phases of matter and atomic structure in Science; Numbers through the billions , decimals, prime and composite numbers in Math; The Renaissance and European Exploration in History; The Doctrines of the Bible, God, and Christ in Bible Class; and focus on the C.S.Lewis’ novel The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe in Language Arts.

Remember to come with your school supplies if you have not dropped them off already. Also, we have snack each day at 10:15, so bring one if you want! Water bottles are allowed as well.

I cannot wait to see you all tomorrow!

🙂 Mrs. Norris

Resolving to Live a Future for Christ

The final quarter in the Gentleness Fruit Stand, fifth grade saints have been learning how they can resolve to live a future with Christ.

During their studies in science, the saints took a field trip. They were excited to go inside Jefferson Lab in Newport News. It truly is an amazing place where scientist are making new discoveries as they study the inside of atoms. Their studies will affect what what is known in the future. The saints conducted several experiments to see what happens when objects are placed in Hydrogen and they are brought below freezing temperatures. Some objects could resolve back to their normal state once they were restored to room temperature. The saints discussed if their futures might find themselves working in places like The Jefferson Lab where new discoveries are being made.

son lab

In History and Bible, the saints have been studying The Pilgrim’s Progress, a Christian allegory written by John Bunyan. It is regarded as one of the most significant works of religious English literature. The story follows a man’s journey to salvation and into heaven. It is helping the saints understand how their walk with Christ will be resolved one day in Heaven too. The saints are studying the text and performing the story as a puppet show to the younger saints at CCA.

In between our studies, the saints have been creating a “Monster Wall” using Philippians 4:5. They want their gentleness to be evident to the future 5th grade saints at CCA.

monster wall2

monster wall1

A “Fruitful” Fifth Grade Year!!!



The Saints in the Gentleness Fruit Stand have experienced “Gentleness… Reborn, Reformed, and Reasoned.  In this final quarter we experienced… Gentleness Resolved”!

What a wonderful year we have shared together!  This year has been such a blessing to me. The students and I have  learned so much, as we traveled the path of knowledge together.  Memories have been made and experiences that will live in our hearts for a lifetime have been gained !  I will miss each one of my Saints next year, as they move forward into sixth grade.

Take a look at some of our final- quarter experiences.  Seed how our learning through the resolution of gentleness  took us on a journey through biblical studies,  literature, language, science, and history.

Finalblog995This is our “Caddie Woodlawn Summary Quilt” that we constructed by summarizing each chapter of the novel, Caddie Woodlawn, on a square and designing quilt squares to resemble the quilts that the pioneers made during the late 1800s.


Here are some highlights from our fruitful event: “Gentleness Resolved”.  Parents and others participated in our event as we shared our studies of how God resolved the earth through:  Earth’s Structures of Rocks and Rock Formations, Evidences of the Great Flood, Scientific Studies of God’s Amazing Oceans,  Artistic Displays, Historical Evidences During the Age of Resolve, Writings of John Bunyan and John Milton, and The Story of an Amazing Girl, Caddie Woodlawn, who made an incredible journey from childhood into adulthood, resolving to live a life of kindness, faithfulness, truthfulness, and honor.


Finalblog991Finalblog993Finalblog99Here are just a few pictures from our studies in music class. We enjoyed learning about various instruments, music theory, composers, and sacred music through history.


The Academy Awards Night was a great conclusion to a wonderful school year!



From Professor Sherman’s Balloon Trip Around the Earth, to Our Earth Day Celebration in Music!

The fifth- grade “Professors” completed their awesome balloon adventure and are “taking off” for many other adventures, as they steer their learning toward Earth Patterns, Cycles, and Change.  During out Bible study, we are exploring how we can be “Salt” and “Light” in our world.  We memorized and explored the true meaning of the words found in Matthew 5: 13- 14, when Jesus is telling His followers that they are the “salt of the earth” and the “light of the world”. We are finding ways to be “salt” and “light” here at CCA and in our world.  We are learning about metaphorical language in our study of poetry, and we have analyzed famous works of poetry and the figurative language that is used in them.  One of our  favorites poems has been, “The Road Not Taken”, by Robert Frost.  Keep posted as we publish some of our own works of poetry.

Here are a few pictures of the “Professors” with their “Parents”.

The saints in the fifth- grade Gentleness Fruit Stand are also learning about rock types, the rock cycle and how transformations between rocks occur, Earth history and the six main geologic evidences for the Genesis Flood, the basic structure of Earth’s interior, and plate tectonics.  Check out some of the books we are reading, movies we have viewed, and our own “rock cycle” movable diagrams we created.  We also added some photos of our volcano models from a few weeks ago.

In music class, we were honored to have Miss Cait visit us and share her cello.  This was a great addition to our musical studies.



From Cell Structure to the Structure of Colonial Economics

The Saints in the Gentleness Fruit Stand are exploring God’s intricate design of cells.  We are studying plant cells, animal cells, fungi, amoebas, bacteria, and planarian.  Wow! What an amazing world of microbes has been discovered- both helpful and harmful!  Stay tuned for more from our “world of cells” next week.

The big new is that we went on an amazing field trip this Friday to Colonial Williamsburg.  We are learning about the “Age of Reason” and how exploration led to amazing discoveries.  The entire structure of the Colonial economy and how the trades of the early settlers in America were carried out, had us mesmerized.  We watched blacksmiths at work, forging iron in the fire.  We observed tinsmiths bending and creasing tin to make lanterns and tin cans.  We were intrigued by the silversmith as he explained the difference between silver mixed with copper and pure silver. The cabinet makers had us in awe because they were able to construct beautiful furniture out of very simple tools such as the planer.  The cooper demonstrated barrel- making, and told us that the only difference between the barrel- making of the 1500s and the 1700s was that the coopers (barrel- makers) wore different types of clothing.  Apparently, barrel- making is an art or trade that has remained unchanged throughout history.

Our fifth- grades enjoyed a wonderful tour of the Governor’s Palace and were able to enjoy a casual lunch on the palace green.  It was a beautiful day!

The questions asked by our fifth- graders really displayed the knowledge that they already y possessed about exploration, trades, and the science involved within each trade.  We have included some pictures of our “Adventure in Colonial Williamsburg”!

The Blacksmith’s Shop
The Cooper
The Cabinet Maker
The Silversmith