Welcome to 5th Grade!

gentlenessWelcome to 5th grade and the Gentleness Fruit Stand! We have a great year in store for us at CCA! My name is Mrs. Norris and I have been excited to work with you ALL summer! I have been praying and preparing for our year ahead.

The theme of our first quarter is Gentleness Reborn. We will study all kinds of interesting things including: phases of matter and atomic structure in Science; Numbers through the billions , decimals, prime and composite numbers in Math; The Renaissance and European Exploration in History; The Doctrines of the Bible, God, and Christ in Bible Class; and focus on the C.S.Lewis’ novel The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe in Language Arts.

Remember to come with your school supplies if you have not dropped them off already. Also, we have snack each day at 10:15, so bring one if you want! Water bottles are allowed as well.

I cannot wait to see you all tomorrow!

🙂 Mrs. Norris