Resolving to Live a Future for Christ

The final quarter in the Gentleness Fruit Stand, fifth grade saints have been learning how they can resolve to live a future with Christ.

During their studies in science, the saints took a field trip. They were excited to go inside Jefferson Lab in Newport News. It truly is an amazing place where scientist are making new discoveries as they study the inside of atoms. Their studies will affect what what is known in the future. The saints conducted several experiments to see what happens when objects are placed in Hydrogen and they are brought below freezing temperatures. Some objects could resolve back to their normal state once they were restored to room temperature. The saints discussed if their futures might find themselves working in places like The Jefferson Lab where new discoveries are being made.

son lab

In History and Bible, the saints have been studying The Pilgrim’s Progress, a Christian allegory written by John Bunyan. It is regarded as one of the most significant works of religious English literature. The story follows a man’s journey to salvation and into heaven. It is helping the saints understand how their walk with Christ will be resolved one day in Heaven too. The saints are studying the text and performing the story as a puppet show to the younger saints at CCA.

In between our studies, the saints have been creating a “Monster Wall” using Philippians 4:5. They want their gentleness to be evident to the future 5th grade saints at CCA.

monster wall2

monster wall1