A “Fruitful” Fifth Grade Year!!!



The Saints in the Gentleness Fruit Stand have experienced “Gentleness… Reborn, Reformed, and Reasoned.  In this final quarter we experienced… Gentleness Resolved”!

What a wonderful year we have shared together!  This year has been such a blessing to me. The students and I have  learned so much, as we traveled the path of knowledge together.  Memories have been made and experiences that will live in our hearts for a lifetime have been gained !  I will miss each one of my Saints next year, as they move forward into sixth grade.

Take a look at some of our final- quarter experiences.  Seed how our learning through the resolution of gentleness  took us on a journey through biblical studies,  literature, language, science, and history.

Finalblog995This is our “Caddie Woodlawn Summary Quilt” that we constructed by summarizing each chapter of the novel, Caddie Woodlawn, on a square and designing quilt squares to resemble the quilts that the pioneers made during the late 1800s.


Here are some highlights from our fruitful event: “Gentleness Resolved”.  Parents and others participated in our event as we shared our studies of how God resolved the earth through:  Earth’s Structures of Rocks and Rock Formations, Evidences of the Great Flood, Scientific Studies of God’s Amazing Oceans,  Artistic Displays, Historical Evidences During the Age of Resolve, Writings of John Bunyan and John Milton, and The Story of an Amazing Girl, Caddie Woodlawn, who made an incredible journey from childhood into adulthood, resolving to live a life of kindness, faithfulness, truthfulness, and honor.


Finalblog991Finalblog993Finalblog99Here are just a few pictures from our studies in music class. We enjoyed learning about various instruments, music theory, composers, and sacred music through history.


The Academy Awards Night was a great conclusion to a wonderful school year!