From Professor Sherman’s Balloon Trip Around the Earth, to Our Earth Day Celebration in Music!

The fifth- grade “Professors” completed their awesome balloon adventure and are “taking off” for many other adventures, as they steer their learning toward Earth Patterns, Cycles, and Change.  During out Bible study, we are exploring how we can be “Salt” and “Light” in our world.  We memorized and explored the true meaning of the words found in Matthew 5: 13- 14, when Jesus is telling His followers that they are the “salt of the earth” and the “light of the world”. We are finding ways to be “salt” and “light” here at CCA and in our world.  We are learning about metaphorical language in our study of poetry, and we have analyzed famous works of poetry and the figurative language that is used in them.  One of our  favorites poems has been, “The Road Not Taken”, by Robert Frost.  Keep posted as we publish some of our own works of poetry.

Here are a few pictures of the “Professors” with their “Parents”.

The saints in the fifth- grade Gentleness Fruit Stand are also learning about rock types, the rock cycle and how transformations between rocks occur, Earth history and the six main geologic evidences for the Genesis Flood, the basic structure of Earth’s interior, and plate tectonics.  Check out some of the books we are reading, movies we have viewed, and our own “rock cycle” movable diagrams we created.  We also added some photos of our volcano models from a few weeks ago.

In music class, we were honored to have Miss Cait visit us and share her cello.  This was a great addition to our musical studies.