Gentleness “Enlightens” Us As The Word of God is Our “Light Saber”

The saints in the Gentleness Fruit Stand have completed their scientific studies of “light”.  We examined various properties of light, such as reflection, refraction, absorption, transmission, and the fact that light can travel through outer space.  We compared and contrasted the properties of light with the properties of sound that we had already studied.  We used our study of light and color to construct a 3- way Venn Diagram in colors of light mix to ultimately form white light.  We compared three historical figures, Martin Luther, John Calvin, and William Tyndale, placing them on our color wheel Venn Diagram.  Check out their similarities and differences and the blending of colors at the same time.


Our recent “Star Wars Day” helped us culminate out studies of light.  We compared the “light saber” in Star Wars to the Word of God.  God’s word is our “light” and we hide its words in our hearts.  We use God’s word as our sword of truth and light.

We are finishing up the novel, The Twenty- One Balloons.  Our adventure has taken us around the world to the island of Krakatoa.  BOOM!!!!  We are distinguishing between facts and elements of fiction that are in the novel related to this small volcanic island.

Expository writing concepts area being incorporated into our study of Krakatoa, as we  utilize the 4- square method of planning for expository/ informational reports.  We certainly are finding a significant amount of information from our internet searches.

In History, we have been traveling back in time to the Elizabethan Age.  We discovered how Queen Elizabeth I became the queen after her father, Henry VIII died.  She was actually third in line for the throne, but after the deaths of Arthur and Mary Tudor, (Bloody Mary), Elizabeth finally took over the throne of England.  We are learning about how kings and queens actually determined the religion of the country.  England changed from Catholic to Protestant to Catholic to Protestant, when new rulers took over.