Gentleness Reformed… “Compression Waves”, “Pitch”, and “Frequency”

The Saints in the Gentleness Fruit Stand thought that we would share a few highlights from our most recent Fruitful Event, titled “Gentleness Reformed”.  We presented our thoughts on the word “REFORMED”, as we shared an acrostic that we created for the word, to give parents and guests and idea of how gentleness was reformed in us this quarter through our Bible study, Literature, and other learning.IMG_0711

R– Respect that we gained for God and for others through working together for God’s glory

E- Establishing a closer relationship with God and other saints through meaningful prayer about the needs of others

FFriendships that were strengthened as we got to know each other as brothers and sisters in Christ

O– Omnipresence of God because He was within us at all times, guiding us.

R-Revealing of God’s word through Bible study and the application of God’s words to our lives.

MManeuvering around obstacles that would be in our way and take our focus off God.  We learned to stay on course.

EEverlasting life that we are given because of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and God’s grace

D- Discovered- We discovered that through God’s help we could accomplish things that we had never done before.


As part of our Fruitful Event, we shared some of the things we learned from our scientific investigations with “Sound”. (Pitch/ Frequency/ Compression Waves)








After Christmas, The New Year’s Fruit Goals, and Gearing Up for a New Fruitful Event!!!


Wow!!! We were so excited and renewed spiritually by our “Christmas Inside Out” program, and now we are setting out sights on lofty New Years Fruit Goals and a brand new Fruitful Event entitled “Gentleness Reformed”.  The saints in the Gentleness Fruit Stand have been brainstorming thoughts about what Gentleness really means in our lives and how we can have “Gentleness Reformed Within Us”.  We are looking at how Gentleness was Reformed in the lives of historical figures, literary characters, and in scientific endeavors.  Our brains have really had a workout!

Our studies during the past week have brought all of this quarter’s work  together under our theme.  We LOVED the novel Amos Fortune- Free Man!  Many of us felt that it was the best book we had ever read.  We saw how the character, Amos, was reformed in his thinking and received salvation.  We saw how our country was reformed after the Revolutionary War, and we saw how the prejudicial thinking of many people was reformed through character development in the novel.

Our studies on sound energy, sound waves, pitch, frequency, sonar, etc… have been great!  We hope to share some of our experimentation with sound during our Fruitful Event on Thursday, January 14th at 2:00 P.M.

Here are a few pictures of our artistic creations regarding Gentleness Reformed as well as a few pictures from recent science experiments.