Thankfulness…”From the Inside Out”…and the Protestant Reformation.

During the past few weeks, the Saints in the Gentleness Fruit Stand have been studying the “Indwelling of the Holy Spirit in our lives”, looking “From the Inside- Out” and relating all of this to our historical study of Martin Luther and “the Protestant Reformation” of the 1500s.  Wow!  That’s a lot of thinking!

We viewed the movie “Inside- Out” and took a look at characterization and developed character profiles for the characters that we will be portraying in our upcoming Christmas play.  We don’t want to give too much away about our play, but this may give you a clue as to how we are approaching the Christmas Story through the emotions that will be our characters.


In Literature, we are continuing our study of the biographical novel, Amos Fortune, Free Man.  We are beginning to see the development of character traits in Amos, as he is sold into slavery during the slave trade of the 1700s.  Our knowledge of the use of advanced vocabulary in this book is astounding!



Check out a few pictures from “Turkey Making” and Chapel.

And… last, but not least, in our music studies, we are trying to solve “The Case of the Missing Dulcimer”.  A dulcimer is a stringed instrument that we learned about as we took an imaginary journey with Mrs. Moore to the Appalachian Mountains of Southwest Virginia.  We learned about “The Crooked Road” music tour and about how the music of Appalachia came to be.  Stay tuned, as we try to find our missing dulcimer!







From Narnia to the Northwest River!

Exciting adventures have been experienced and new adventures are an the horizon!  We completed our first quarter with a “snow- filled” event when we visited Narnia with many of the characters from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  We had such a wonderful time at our “Fruitful Event”, Gentleness Reborn, presenting our projects showcasing visualization of vivid adjectives in story settings, conducting science experiments with matter, playing math games, singing, and eating food from Narnia!  Here are some pictures of us in our character costumes with projects.



We started the second quarter with an awesome field trip to Triple R Ranch!   Our adventure began with a canoe trip on the Northwest River!  We learned canoe safety, rowing techniques, and how to work as a team and communicate in order to steer our canoes in the right direction.  What a time we had!



In addition to our canoeing adventure, we gathered samples of pond water to check the turbidity of the water.  We tested the cloudiness and pollution content of the pond versus the river by gathering various insects and organisms that live in both environments.  We learned about the three categories of organisms and what pollution levels they can tolerate.  We also found our that marine vegetation is good for the pond or river environment.  It gives oxygen to the organisms and helps animals thrive.  What an awesome God we have to create such wonders!



Our third adventure on the field trip took place in the woods. We tried several team- building activities.   We tried to communicate and work together to balance a platform.  It took us a long time to work together and balance, but we learned that communication is essential, and that sometimes, instead of moving around, you just have to be still!!!!      This reminds me of the verse of scripture found in Psalm 46:10-  “Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”


We are  continuing our Bible study of the Trinity and our God: The  Triune God.  It is well for us to “be still”and wait for what God has in store for us, in order to do His will , declare His glory, in His timing.