Plaster, Plaster, Everywhere! Relays and Music!

The fifth- graders in the Gentleness Fruit Stand had so much fun making a mess with plaster today!Without giving away too much information regarding our “erupting surprise” for next Thursday’s literacy event, I will suffice it to say….  we are in the process of a major construction project!  Take a look at our pictures and try to guess what we are constructing.  Come to our Literacy Event on March 26th at 12:00 noon to witness our “project in action”.  We completed our novel, The Twenty- One Balloons, by William Pene du Bois, and will be presenting a showcase of things we learned from the novel, as well as things we learned in Bible, math, science, history, and music.  Share an international lunch with us also!

During out Bible times this week, we have been continuing to discuss Salvation through grace, and through Christ alone.  We have also been looking at scriptures pertaining to greed, wealth, covetousness, and the love of money.  These saints continue to amaze me with their knowledge and application of scripture to our daily lives.

In math, we continued working on geometry skills.  Diameters, Radii, Chords, Circumferences, and Areas of Circles are proving to be quite taxing on our brains, but we are plugging away at these skills, and hope to present a little “circular math” at our literacy event.

In music class, it does my heart good to hear the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th graders sing!  My 3rd and 4th graders really  praised the Lord today with their rendition of “Low, in the Grave He Lay”.  The boys especially love belting out the bass notes on the chorus.  We discussed the resurrection of Jesus and how this song relates to the resurrection and our celebration of Easter.

Finally, take a look at some pictures from P.E. class today.  The students finished up crab soccer and had a day of basket relays today.  Their running skills and teamwork skills are really improving.  Mrs. Outlaw never ceases to amaze me with the wonderful ideas she comes up with for P.E. class.

Until next week…. Saints…. Have a blessed weekend and wonderful week!




Reflections of Krakatoa, Maps of Plot Structures, Parachutes and Circumferences

Another wonderful week has been had by the fifth- graders in the Gentleness Fruit Stand!

In Bible study this week, we have been researching what scripture tells us about “Salvation by Grace”.  Mrs. Stephens read several chapters from the book, The Lamb, which goes well with what we are discussing during Bible Time and with “Circle of Power and Respect Time” each day.

In math, we are entering the world of “Sir Cumference and the Knights of the Round Table”.  If you noticed that “play on words”, then you have probably guessed that we are going to be learning about the measurements of circumference, diameter, radius, chords, and arcs in math class.  We began experimenting a bit with a parachute in the gym and on the playground to illustrate circumference.  More information will be forthcoming as we share our findings in the “Land” of “Sir Cumference”,  “Lady Di, of Ameter”, and their son, “Little Radius”.

The sixth-graders joined us today as we investigated “Plot Structure” in literature.  After reading the classic short story, “Rikki- Tikki- Tavi”, by Rudyard Kipling, in one of our guided reading groups, we decided to share the story with the sixth graders and watch the movie version of the story in order to make a comparative analysis and to be able to construct “Plot Structure/ Summary Maps” about the story.  Oh… and also we wanted to share some popcorn and fruit drinks!  Check out the pictures of our maps!

As you know, we have been reading the novel The Twenty- One Balloons.  The main setting for this book is the island of Krakatoa, a volcanic island in the Indian Ocean.  Check out our artwork:  “Reflections of Krakatoa” that we will be submitting for tile art to be placed on CCA’s tile art wall.  Packets were sent home today about ordering tile art.

Take a look at our pictures this week.  I included a picture of Mrs. Outlaw, our fourth- grade teacher, who celebrated a birthday this week. If you notice a little tear in Mrs. Outlaw’s eye… Scarlett went up  on stage and said something that touched Mrs. Outlaw’s heart.  Precious memories. 🙂

I pray that you all have a wonderful weekend full of God’s blessings.Rikk1 Rikk2 Rikk3 Rikk4 Rikk5 Rikk6 Rikk7 Rikk8 Rikk9 Rikk10 Rikk11 Rikk12  Rikk15 Rikk16 Rikk17 Rikk18 Rikk20

“Volumes” of “Entrepreneurs” and “Cell Cakes”

After the snow……  This week has been a full week of LEARNING and FUN !!!

The Fifth Grade Gentleness Fruit Stand started the week off with presentations of our “Entrepreneur Projects”.  The saints did a marvelous job of researching an inventor/ entrepreneur, writing a seven- paragraph research paper, constructing an original bag, box, or poster depicting important events from the entrepreneur’s life, and giving an oral presentation in front of the other students, their teacher, and their principal!  We learned so much about people such as Derek Cha (Sweet Frog), J,K Rowling (Harry Potter), Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss), Alexander Graham Bell (telephone inventor), Mark Cuban (Shark Tank), Ole Kirk Christianson (Lego Inventor), and Steve Jobs (Apple Computer). The research papers and the presentations were awesome!!!  I loved the creative ideas shared by our saints and the creative costumes they came up with!

We finished up our science unit on Living Systems and Cells with  “Edible Cell” creations.  Our versions of plant cells and animal cells included cake frosting as cytoplasm and various delicious candies that resembled parts of the cell.  Check out the pictures of our creations!

In math this week, we continued our work with perimeter, area, and volume.  We completed VOLUMES of calculations and made applications for these measurements to real- life situations.

We are looking forward to finishing our novel The Twenty- One Balloons very soon.  The saints are really enjoying this book!

Stay tuned next week for Volcano Art, Balloon Art, and much, much more!!!!cellwallcell1cell2cell3cell6cell7cellstevcellstevenvol1vol4vol3vol2entre4entre3entre2entre1entre7entre6entre5zzzzzzzzzzzzgrape