Colonial Days, African Spirituals, and The Protestant Reformation- What a Mixture of Topics!

I hope you were able to look on Facebook and see the wonderful pictures that Mrs. Stephens posted from our Literacy Event, “Gentleness Reformed”!  (I have posted a few more here today.)We traveled back in time to the Colonial Days in America and took our parents on a ride through the life of Amos Fortune.  We taught our parents about the Atlantic Slave Trade and, we sang the African Spirituals that we learned:  “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”,” Let Me Fly”, and “Ezekiel Saw the Wheel”.  In addition to singing, we played a variety of African drums and instruments. As a treat at the end of our literacy event, we were able to enjoy lots of colonial foods such as pound cake, gingersnaps, baked apple pie, apples, and berries.  We also enjoyed hot, spicy apple cider!

This coming week we will be learning more about Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation.  It has been hard for the students to understand that some aspects of church were corrupt during the Middle Ages and needed to be “reformed”.  The students are questioning many of the practices that took place in the Catholic Church during the 1400s and 1500s.  We are really learning a lot!

And….. in addition to our novel and history, we are continuing word work with Greek and Latin roots, sorting words with those roots, making arrays of vocabulary on our desk for vocabulary games, solving advanced fraction problems  in Math, and working on language skills.  Keep up the great work, students!  It’s a brand new quarter, and we are picking up the pace!   Have a great week parents!



Drums “Pounding” Us Back Into The Swing of Things !

All of the students in the fifth- grade Gentleness Class had a wonderful Christmas and a wonderful holiday break.  Now we are ready to get “back into the swing of things” again!

We started our week by jumping back, full- force, with preparations for our Literacy Event.

Drums, drums, and more drums!  If you walk down the fifth grade hallway, chances are you will hear the sound of drums and singing this week.  We are practicing for our “Gentleness Reformed” Event.   I don’t want to give away any secrets ahead of time, but I will say that you will be in for a real treat if you attend our event next Thursday, January 15th @ 11:45 A.M.

In our Bible study this week, we continued our study of Jesus, and how he felt human emotions such as we do, yet remained without sin.  We also made many Biblical connections to issues that we read about in our novel, Amos Fortune- Free Man. 

In History, we completed our study of the Atlantic Slave Trade.  This study had a very serious impact on the students.  We will be sharing some of our findings during our literacy event.

Wow-  Math has been tedious this week!  We are learning how to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators, convert improper fractions to mixed numbers, convert mixed numbers to improper fractions, and reduce all answers to lowest terms.  Then we will apply all of these fractional skills to everyday situations. The students are catching on very quickly.

Pictures included in this week’s blog may give you some ideas about our week.  Have a blessed weekend!