C.C.A. “Superheroes” Really Shined the Light of Jesus Last Night!

Merry Christmas to all students, parents, teachers, and friends!!! Today was our last day before Christmas break, and- WOW-!!!! What a day it was!  We celebrated our “shining” performance from last night’s  Christmas play, “A Superhero Christmas”, by collapsing on the stage.  Our principal even joined in on our “Bed- Head- Pajama- Day” fun by collapsing with us.  However, we soon regained our superhero strength and cleared out the entire stage so that church service can resume this Sunday.

The third, fourth, fifth, and sixth graders enjoyed Christmas games, crafts, food, and a movie today, as we all celebrated in our pajamas!  Angel Bingo, Rudolf Operation, Glowing Mason- Jar Candles, Night Before Christmas Ornament Exchange, and A Muppet Christmas Carol were among the festive activities enjoyed by our Saints.

The Fifth Grade Gentleness Class would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.  We pray that the light of Christ will shine for you this Christmas.  May God bless.x xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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