C.C.A. “Superheroes” Really Shined the Light of Jesus Last Night!

Merry Christmas to all students, parents, teachers, and friends!!! Today was our last day before Christmas break, and- WOW-!!!! What a day it was!  We celebrated our “shining” performance from last night’s  Christmas play, “A Superhero Christmas”, by collapsing on the stage.  Our principal even joined in on our “Bed- Head- Pajama- Day” fun by collapsing with us.  However, we soon regained our superhero strength and cleared out the entire stage so that church service can resume this Sunday.

The third, fourth, fifth, and sixth graders enjoyed Christmas games, crafts, food, and a movie today, as we all celebrated in our pajamas!  Angel Bingo, Rudolf Operation, Glowing Mason- Jar Candles, Night Before Christmas Ornament Exchange, and A Muppet Christmas Carol were among the festive activities enjoyed by our Saints.

The Fifth Grade Gentleness Class would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.  We pray that the light of Christ will shine for you this Christmas.  May God bless.x xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx


SOUND …….. and ……. SUPERHEROES !!!!!!!!!!!!

The fifth-graders are finishing up their investigations into Sound Energy.  We are working as a team to learn about the energy of sound and the ability of our ears to process and hear sound.     And….. we are also working together as a team to learn about another source of energy and power.  During rehearsals this week  for our Christmas program, we heave learned  about the ultimate source of energy and power- Jesus Christ !

Next Thursday night, December 18th, we will transform ourselves into SUPERHEROES!!!!!!!!

We will fight the darkness of crime and evil, (on stage of course) as we show the world that Christ is the source of our Super Power, and we will Let Our Lights Shine for Jesus !!!!

Here are some pictures of us working in partner groups on our sound investigations…….. and then…………. a” sneak preview picture” as SUPERHEROES !!!!!!

Let's investigate sound and pitch with straws!
Let’s investigate sound and pitch with straws!
Ciara and Emily are "sound" partners.
Ciara and Emily are “sound” partners.
Zachary highlights important ideas about sound.
Zachary highlights important ideas about sound.
Jonathan and K.J. work diligently on "sound" investigation.
Jonathan and K.J. work diligently on “sound” investigation.
Savannah and Scarlett "chill with sound" on their beanbags.
Savannah and Scarlett “chill with sound” on their beanbags.
A sneak preview of the "Superhero" fifth-graders as they "shine the light" of Jesus!
A sneak preview of the “Superhero” fifth-graders as they “shine the light” of Jesus!

Waves, Wreaths, and Wayfaring Explorers !

Whew!!!!  We have returned from an awesome Thanksgiving break and are ready to get busy on all the wonderful things that these next two weeks hold in store!  You are probably wondering about Waves, Wreaths, and Wayfaring Explorers.  Well…

As we continued our study of sound in Science, we continued our investigations into sound WAVES!  We learned about the concept of sound waves disturbing all forms of matter as they travel though gases such as air, liquids, and solids.  We constructed diagrams of  sound waves saw that the higher the pitch, the higher the frequency!  Check out our experiment with pepper and a tambourine, using various pitches with our voices to make compression and rarefaction waves.

WAYFARING EXPLORERS topped our list of people who were courageous, intelligent, ingenious, Christ- like, and MEAN!  The things that we “discovered” about Christopher Columbus, ( whose real name was Cristobol Colon) would make you quiver with disgust.  We compared and contrasted explorers from Portugal, Spain, and England.  Next week we will add some from the Netherlands, France, and China.

Now, speaking of WREATHS, we are making ornament wreaths on Monday for the Christmas tree in the front hallway of our school.  WE are so excited about the “Super Hero Christmas Program” that will take place on December 18th.  We are SUPER HEROES!!!!!!

I am happy to report that all fifth graders have memorized the entire 23rd Psalm from the King James Version!  We are studying the concept of the Trinity in our Bible study this week and next week.

Check out a few pictures of our science experiment with various pitches and see how sound waves affected the pepper on our tambourine!  Look for compression and rarefaction WAVES!